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Musicianship 101 (What They Don’t Tell You In School) 2nd Edition

The Must-Have Musicians’ Manual

Musicianship 101 (What They Don't Tell You In School), 2nd Edition, is essential reading for any full-time musician, aspiring full-time musician, or music teacher. Sharp Radway reveals priceless secrets and invaluable information in this book that will guarantee successes in both the career and life of any full-time musician. In the book, Radway covers a broad range of topics including: how to get a gig, business relationships, advice for traveling and working abroad, how to be a good bandleader, people skills, self-improvement as a musician and as a person in general, relationship advice, music repertoire building, proper attire for performances, what and how to practice, and much more! This book is a true gem and Radway proves to be brilliantly insightful, inspiring, encouraging, and motivating in the vital information that he unselfishly shares. This book is far-reaching in that many of the principles detailed in it may be applied to other occupational fields and in one’s life in general. This book is affordable, easy to read, and is guaranteed to give you an edge on the competition. Musicianship 101 is a must have! 


"This is a great handbook, an excellent resource for all musicians.   There's a lot of important information in it that musicians should know and it's easy to read."  

~ James Spaulding, World Renowned Jazz Saxophonist


"Do you know the song ‘The Song Is You’?  Well, this book is Sharp.  There are so many good things in this book that all musicians need to know.  It tells you the right things to do in this business...helpful." 

~ Curtis Fuller, World Renowned Jazz Trombonist and Composer, NEA Jazz Master

"Other than being a most proficient master of his instrument, Sharp Radway has knowledge far exceeding notes and chords.  He has wisdom and an awareness of the realities of life with it’s myriad challenges.  "Musicianship 101 (What They Don't Tell You In School)" contains vital information for musicians and music students of all ages.  In fact, the information in the book is useful for occupations outside of the music industry as well." 

~ Benny Golson, World Renowned Tenor Saxophonist and Composer, NEA Jazz Master



“[This] book is fantastic.  It’s really needed.”

~ Randy Weston, World Renowned Jazz Pianist and Composer, NEA Jazz Master

"Radway's succinct tips on musicianship are also wonderful bits of guidance on how to conduct oneself in relationships outside of music. My two grade school-aged daughters and I have been enjoying "Musicianship 101" together. Although we aren't performers, nor are we professional musicians by any stretch, we can appreciate his lessons and how they would help develop professional working relationships in a band, with collaborators, clients, etc... As interesting, though, is how easily these same lessons can be applied to our own relationships everyday, to help us know how and when to harmonize, accompany and lead in our interactions with friends, family teammates, co-workers and colleagues."

~ Paul J. DeBenedittis, MTV & VH1 digital, Vice President, Operations



$10.95 U.S.D. 

eBook $5.00 U.S.D.  

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Second Edition
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