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Powerful. Relevant. Insightful.  Pianist, composer, and arranger, Sharp Radway releases new landmark recording.


“Black Woman – A Conversation is an exquisite and unique tribute to Black women.  An inspiring combination of Straight Ahead Jazz, spoken word, masterfully arranged ensemble pieces, pocket grooves, Latin Jazz, beautiful vocal performances and very candid conversations about Black women. 


The subtitle, A Conversation, refers to an insightful 45-minute conversation, which took place during the recording of the album.  The conversation was between drummer Camille Gainer-Jones, tenor saxophonist Camille Thurman, and Radway.  They discuss a variety of topics, which offer more than a glimpse of how life is experienced by Black women. Radway serves as moderator.  Snippets of the conversation can be heard on tracks, 2, 5, 11, 16 and 19.  Insightful, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, and healing.  This recording is a gem to be spoken of highly for generations to come. 

Black Woman (A Conversation)

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